S&W Electric
106 Washington St.
Laporte IN 46350

What Can S&W Electric Do

Why Choose S&W Electric?

What Can S&W Electric Do for You?


  • If  you are not buying your industrial v-belts from us- we could save you 25% of your belt budget.
  • If  you are not taking advantage of our large inventory of motors- we offer the lowest  price with immediate availability and the knowledge to support and warranty your purchase.
  • If  you need technical help on inverters, motor applications, control circuits, starters, brakes etc.- we have the knowledge and willingness to assist.
  • If  you are not aware of the latest method to predict bearing failure – we can offer a self contained monitor that will allow you to never have a surprise bearing failure.
  •  If  you are not doing business with S & W Electric you are missing the advantages of working with a locally owned business that believes that service is our most important product.


S & W Electric, located in LaPorte Indiana, is a 60+ year old company serving both commercial and industrial needs.  Our broad base of products include a large stock of single and three phase motors, sheaves and belts, starters and industrial controls, pumps and fuses.  This is supported by a full service EASA shop offering repair and rewind on AC & DC motors and generators, as well as repair of  pumps, welders and a large variety of mechanical and electrical devices.


To earn your business is our goal – to keep your business is our future.
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